Welcome to Saakuru Source

This Saakuru Litepaper and documentation serves as one source of truth about our protocol and the Saakuru (SKR) token.

We aim to provide detailed guidance about the Saakuru layer 2 gasless protocol, the SKR token & associated tokenomics, Saakuru's product suite, the Saakuru Grant Program, our core team, the partner network, the governance principals, and developer documentation.

This document was crafted by Jack Vinijtrongjit, Marius Silenskis, Nelly Sutjiadi & Nick Leong. Leadership is thankful to the whole Saakuru Labs team, which works incredibly hard every day to fulfill our mission.

"I encourage you to read through these source documents where we lay out why and how Saakuru Labs is solving the fundamental blockers to mass adoption of Web3. These solutions are already live and helping to bridge companies and consumers moving from Web2 to Web3."

Jack Vinijtrongjit CEO of Saakuru Labs

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