Introducing the Saakuru Protocol

Saakuru is a consumer-centric L2 protocol with zero transaction fees based on OP Stack to create a frictionless experience for any application. Using the Saakuru Protocol alongside the Saakuru Developer Suite enables any product to add Web3 capability in just one day. The powerful and developer-friendly product suite allows a cost-efficient and seamless transition from Web2 to Web3.

The Saakuru Protocol is already live & records more than 1.4 million transactions/week*, which already puts it into the top 20 public blockchains by transactions per week. This quick transaction growth is mainly influenced by its gasless nature and very fast block time. On top of that, Saakuru Labs has launched its own Developer Suite: a comprehensive set of highly interoperable modules like Mobile Wallet SDK, NFT management platform, Blockchain data API, and Gamification API, which allows products to embed essential Web3 modules directly to their products significantly reducing cost and speed for any go-to-market strategy.

Name Origin

The term "Saakuru" (サークル) holds a significant place in Japanese society, transcending its literal translation from the English word "circle" to embody a broader concept of community and shared interests. Unlike its geometric counterpart, "Saakuru" in Japan denotes a group, club, or circle of individuals united by shared passions, hobbies, or objectives. This term is pivotal in understanding the fabric of social and organizational structures within Japan, extending across educational institutions, workplaces, and beyond.

The name very well describes our company's approach to the voice of the community and people—the necessity of listening and reflecting on user feedback.

*Based on the data on 2024-02-23

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