Release updates

2024.02.15 - Saakuru App v5.3.0

  • Wallet Connect updated to work well with a multi-chain connection

  • Adding Facebook social login

  • Preparing app for increased load (multi-server environment)

  • Fixing most app crash reasons

  • Updated PIN/signature screens to have fewer animations on click so it’s more secure if someone would see it from the side or record your screen

  • other adjustments and bugfixes

2024.01.26 - Saakuru App v5.2.0

  • Separated signature and wallet creation from the onboarding flow

  • Updated “back” button behavior

  • Added language selectors to both login & signup pages

  • Improved Home page with new sections: What everyone talks about & What you should know before starting your crypto journey

  • Added % change on HOT currencies section

2024.01.13 - Saakuru App v5.1.0

  • Add Social logins (Google, Apple options)

  • Updated Password strength indicators

2023.12.28 - Saakuru App v.5.0.0

  • Rebranding > MetaOne wallet becomes Saakuru All-in-one Crypto App

  • Home page to display the most attractive news, offers, games, earning possibilities, and investment opportunities

  • Browser tab improvements > Users can set a wallet per tab to browse with

  • Onboarding improvements > Terms and Conditions no longer take a separate step for the user, and the wallet creation process got animated to indicate the work in progress.

  • EVM asset discovery updates > The user is prompted to add a wallet if he receives assets to it before having it created for that network.

  • Improved account removal procedure.

  • Security-related improvements.

2023.12.02 - Saakuru app v.4.2.0

  • Updated KYC for swap to work again

  • Fixed problems with NFTs' list where they used to get hidden

  • The updated browser and DApp connection behavior

  • Separated earning options/referrals to be explained more easily (requires Website release to reflect fully)

  • Updated user experience for swap, buy and sell functions, enabling them to be available to try for empty accounts also.

  • Added more security questions to select from while securing your profile

  • Updated notifications related issues

  • Added a bunch of other general UI improvements and bug fixes to make the user experience better.

2023.11.15 - Saakuru App v.4.1.0

  • Notifications history

  • Main navigation menu rework

  • Hiding of the NFTs (marking as spam)

  • App rating suggestion after the Send transaction is done

  • Added description field to NFT inner page

  • Update language switcher position

  • Different content updates

  • Swap enabling for XRP and XLM currencies (will be enabled after public release only)

  • Other bug fixes and user experience improvements, such as

    • move the wallet create button to the wallets list

    • Fee-less chains no longer have fee selectors in Transaction pages

    • backend load/error fixes

2023.10.18 - Saakuru App v.4.0.1

  • Hotfix for swap search-related issues

  • Hotfix of IOS signature validation on send action

2023.10.15 - Saakuru App v.4.0.0

  • Added XRP and XLM network support

  • Fixed app crash / freeze-related issues

  • Updated browser: network switching ability and browser history

  • The improved main search option

  • Eased the access to support by adding “Help” buttons

  • Minor bugs and UI adjustments

2023.09.20 - Saakuru App v3.6.0

  • Improved app loading speed and unlocking functionality

  • Added another option to reset forgotten user's signature

  • Updated notifications content

  • Fixed some bugs and made tiny UX adjustments

2023.09.01 - Saakuru app v3.5.0

Available in BETA since 08.30 going to be released soon with the main points as follows:

  • Swap credits - users will get swap credits to cover their swap fees if they refer friends or do sell/buy transactions themselves. (will be enabled manually after app release is done)

  • Optimism - A new blockchain network will be available for our users (will be enabled manually after the app release is done)

  • Scam NFTs tracking - scam NFTs will be tracked and filtered out of the user NFT list as soon as it gets reported as a scam. (already out, not dependent on app release)

  • Referrals enhancement - The share referral link option will have pre-set texts added.

  • Other bug fixes and tiny adjustments.

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