Providing a gasless experience on Saakuru brings convenience to users by removing the need to pay transaction fees, but it also introduces potential risks such as transaction spamming. To safeguard against such vulnerabilities, we are implementing robust security measures. Preventative measurements include:

  • configurable rate limiting

  • advanced spam filters

  • transaction patterns scanners for irregularities

  • network request scanners for irregularities

We are adapting our system to be resilient against various types of attacks. This ensures that Saakuru remains secure, reliable, and capable of withstanding potential threats.

To maintain system integrity and prevent spam, by default, each wallet on Saakuru is limited to a low number of transactions per second, a threshold that satisfies the needs of the average user. Developers with requirements surpassing these limits can request special access to facilitate a higher transaction throughput. This tiered approach ensures both operational efficiency and security while accommodating diverse user needs.

Saakuru further augments its security framework through enhanced governance and a community-driven approach to identifying potential vulnerabilities. Users are encouraged to report any suspicious activities related to whitelisted or smart contracts, catalyzing a rigorous review by Saakuru's dedicated security council. This proactive community involvement not only fortifies the platform’s security posture but also fosters a collective responsibility toward maintaining a safe ecosystem. For a deeper understanding of this process, please visit this page to learn more.

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