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Raphael Enriquez
Nov 14, 2023 7 mins read

Introducing the Saakuru Protocol: The bridge from Web2 to Web3

Saakuru is a consumer-centric L2 protocol with zero transaction fees based on OP Stack to create a frictionless experience for any application. Using the Saakuru Protocol alongside the Saakuru Developer Suite enables any product to add Web3 capability in just one day. The powerful and developer-friendly product suite allows a cost-efficient and seamless transition from Web2 to Web3.

The Saakuru Protocol is already live & records more than 1.4 million transactions/week*, which already puts it into the top 20 public blockchains by transactions per week only nine months after network launch. This quick transaction growth is mainly influenced by its gasless nature and very fast block time. On top of that, Saakuru Labs has launched its own Developer Suite: a comprehensive set of highly interoperable modules like Mobile Wallet SDK, NFT management platform, Blockchain data API, andGamification API, which allows products to embed essential Web3 modules directly to their products significantly reducing cost and speed for any go-to-market strategy.

Saakuru (SKR) token

The Saakuru token is a multi-purpose (utility and governance) token of the Saakuru Protocol. Its burning mechanism constantly reduces the total circulating supply.

The Saakuru token is set to be launched in mid-April, 2024. Join Saakuru Telegram community for live updates.

How will the SKR token supply be reduced?

  • Developer Layer — Saakuru Labs provides a wide range of products and services, each with its own business model. 10% of the profit will be used to burn the token. The rate will be evaluated and adjusted each quarter.
  • DeFi Layer — facilitated by Taffy DEX technology, 0.005% of every fee collected from on-chain and cross-chain transactions throughout the Taffy DEX protocol is converted to SKR tokens and burned.
  • Governance Layer — The SKR token is used as a voting token for the governance model. 5% of tokens used to initiate the review process are burned.
  • Protection Layer — The SKR token is burned in case the SKR token protection mechanism is triggered. 3% of saved tokens will be burned.

What will drive SKR token demand?

We created a credit-based system for system usage to keep Saakuru Blockchains’ gas-less nature and ensure that the ecosystem is growing fast. The developer is charged based on the pricing by the network operator and software provider Saakuru Labs.

To make his solution cost-effective, the developer can Stake SKR tokens and refill his credit balance every Month based on the amount staked on the first day of the month.

The more active the ecosystem becomes — the higher the demand will grow. This model enhances the model and encourages games and other types of applications to use blockchain as a usual part of the internet software infrastructure.

How will Saakuru contribute to Web3 adoption?

Saakuru is the perfect starting point for any company looking to add their products to the Web3 world. Our main team has more than ten years of experience in making Web2 products and six years in Web3 applications, from both the developer’s and the business side. This experience has helped us find the main challenges that stop decentralized products from being widely used.

Saakuru has hit its first major goal by launching a blockchain that doesn’t charge users gas fees, while maintaining stability through the top security practices from the Web2 infrastructure. The technology also enables transactions to happen in nearly real-time (less than 300 milliseconds for block confirmation) and stable infrastructure cost, making it suitable for developing real-time fully-on-chain games. This means that apps built on Saakuru don’t have hurdles for newcomers to Web3; there’s no need to have the native coin to cover transaction fees.

Saakuru has also rolled out the Saakuru Developer Suite — a full set of tools including libraries and APIs, making it quicker for developers to create applications.

By combining a more affordable and developer-friendly environment with a seamless, gas-free experience for newcomers, Saakuru Labs is set to be a bridge bringing more people into Web3. The numbers speak for themselves: we already have over 400,000 wallets with assets on the Saakuru Blockchain, all of which are transparently shown on the Saakuru Transparency Portal.


Saakuru is revolutionizing Web3 adoption by launching a zero-transaction-fee blockchain and a comprehensive developer suite, facilitating a seamless and cost-effective transition from Web2 for developers and newcomers alike. With over 400,000 wallets already active on its blockchain and rapid transaction growth, Saakuru is paving the way for wider Web3 integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AAG tokens bring tiered fee reductions, ensuring equitable pricing for enterprise clients based on the number of tokens held.

B2B integration remains fee-free until 2025, with subsequent onboarding fees and usage fees. A portion of generated revenue supports airdrop events.

AAG tokens incentivize long-term engagement by consistently reallocating revenue, ensuring the platform’s vitality and adaptability.

AAG tokens provide benefits like limited edition asset airdrops, discounted purchases, and participation in exclusive events, thereby enhancing user experience and benefits.

Decentralized AAG pairs enhance token visibility, ensuring seamless access every time users utilize Uniswap or SushiSwap through the MetaOne dApp Store.

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