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Using Web3 to Drive Interest in a Real World Scavenger Hunt: A Case Study
Home > Using Web3 to Drive Interest in a Real World Scavenger Hunt: A Case Study
Joerald Pepito
Oct 16, 2023 2 mins read

Using Web3 to Drive Interest in a Real World Scavenger Hunt: A Case Study

The challenge

Web3, the next iteration of the internet, can help blur the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds. In an effort to tap into the power of Web3 to drive people to explore Manhattan’s Seaport, a one-time bustling maritime and commercial hub in Manhattan’s historic waterfront neighborhood Seaport, real estate development management company the Howard Hughes Corp. teamed with Web3 infrastructure firm MoonPay to see if it could drive foot traffic to the area.

The solution

From August to October 2023, the Seaport Scavenger Hunt utilized Web3 technologies to host a scavenger hunt that allowed visitors to seek out ten purple “pearls” hidden throughout the Seaport neighborhood, with each pearl featuring a scannable QR code that unlocked a free digital token, designed by 3D artist and NFT creator Johana Kroft. Those who collect every token were then entered into a prize draw, with prizes ranging from VIP concert tickets to complimentary workouts to curated culinary gift boxes. The exercise proved successful at not just pushing people to visit and explore a real physical location, and spend their money there supporting nearby businesses, but also to try out Web3 protocols, platforms, and technologies such as NFTs, in an accessible manner.

This is just one example of how Web3 technologies can enhance business productivity. If you would like to discuss how your business can also benefit from Web3, please email [email protected]

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Joerald Pepito
Joerald has been a Crypto and Web3 native since late 2017. He's a Research Analyst, Content Writer, and a captivating public speaker and educator in the field of Blockchain, crypto, and Web3 in general. His ability to distill complex concepts into digestible information makes him a sought-after Content Writer, contributing valuable articles, guides, and educational content to empower the crypto community. Moreover, his unwavering commitment to advancing the Web3 revolution and his unique ability to convey its importance make him a vital figure in the industry, driving innovation and education to new heights.


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