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Raphael Enriquez
Oct 16, 2023 7 mins read

What is the Saakuru Blockchain Network?

One name is making waves and changing the game – Saakuru.

What sets Saakuru apart from the other networks?

It’s not just about being another blockchain; it’s about a visionary commitment to eliminating the formidable obstacle known as gas fees. In a realm where traditional blockchain ecosystems, such as Ethereum, have imposed significant financial burdens on both developers and users, Saakuru brings forth a groundbreaking solution. How does it do it? By embracing a revolutionary delegate model, the chain operator (AAG) absorbs the costs of transactions. Welcome to a world where users and developers can engage with the blockchain without the relentless specter of gas fees hovering over their every move.

Saakuru: A Gas-Free Blockchain

In traditional blockchain ecosystems like Ethereum, gas fees have been a significant hurdle for both developers and users. Saakuru takes a revolutionary approach by employing a delegate model where the chain operator (AAG) absorbs the cost of transactions. This means that users and developers can interact with the blockchain without worrying about the financial burden of gas fees.

No More Gas Fees

The absence of gas fees on Saakuru significantly reduces friction during onboarding. This is particularly beneficial for educational platforms and applications. When users can access and interact with dApps without purchasing gas fees, the barrier to entry into the Web3 world is lowered. This creates a more inclusive environment, allowing individuals to explore blockchain technology without financial constraints.

Blockchain Gaming Solution

While Oasys, the underlying infrastructure of Saakuru, was initially designed for gaming, Saakuru aims to be a blockchain solution for all industries. Whether you are a game studio, a grocery store, a financial institution, or an educational platform, Saakuru offers a versatile solution. This adaptability ensures that Saakuru can cater to various use cases, including the educational sector.

Permissioned Blockchain and Saakuru

Saakuru follows a permissioned chain model, where contract deployer wallets must be whitelisted to deploy smart contracts. This approach adds a layer of security and control to the blockchain. However, it’s important to note that this restriction is currently not enforced on the testnet, allowing developers to experiment and deploy contracts without prior whitelisting.

Empowering Education and Play-to-Earn

One of the most exciting applications of Saakuru in the educational sector is its potential to power educational platforms and tools. One example is the AI-powered educational app Good Game to Learn English (GOGA). Nam Nguyen, CEO of GOGA, is enthusiastic about the opportunities Saakuru brings to Web3 developers and their users.

GOGA plans to leverage Saakuru’s gas-free model to enhance its play-to-earn platform. This means learners can engage with educational content and activities without the financial burden of gas fees. Students and educators can participate in a dynamic and interactive learning experience, all made possible by Saakuru’s groundbreaking technology.

NFT Minting Costs and Saakuru

Another significant benefit of Saakuru is its cost-effectiveness for NFT minting, which has traditionally been one of the most expensive operations in the Web3 space. The Saakuru release dramatically reduces the costs associated with minting NFTs, making it more accessible to a broader audience. This cost efficiency opens up new possibilities for creators and learners to explore the world of non-fungible tokens.

Saakuru’s Impact on On-Chain Gaming and Metaverses

Saakuru’s commitment to resource efficiency pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in on-chain gaming and metaverse development. By minimizing costs and friction, Saakuru is making these immersive experiences accessible to a broader audience. This democratization of on-chain gaming and metaverses aligns perfectly with the educational potential of Saakuru, creating opportunities for innovative educational content within these virtual worlds.


Saakuru blockchain, with its gas-free model and versatile capabilities, is poised to revolutionize the educational landscape within the Web3 ecosystem. Its elimination of gas fees, reduced costs for NFT minting, and adaptability to various industries make it a game-changer for educators, learners, and developers alike. As we move forward, Saakuru’s impact on education will continue to grow, offering new possibilities for interactive and engaging educational experiences in the Web3 era. Stay tuned for the exciting developments Saakuru has in store for the world of education and beyond.

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